Thanks to its research and business experience, Iberocons has the necessary know-how to allow it to find solutions to demands made by producers, cooperatives, industries, regions or governments.

Research experience

Through its research, Iberocons is constantly creating and putting into practice experimental fields to evaluate systems and processes in different geographical and climatic areas, something that allows it to innovate and develop new products and new production, control and management models.

Business area experience

In the business area, Iberocons works from the initial concept to the definition of projects, right through to the complete implementation of the same: extensive and intensive crops, biotechnology, agro-industries, fertirrigation systems, certifications, quality control, automation, logistics, commercialization and plant nurseries that meet the highest quality standards on the market.




  • Viability Study
  • Opportunity Study
  • Tendering &Contracts
  • Business Plan
  • Commercialization
  • Breaking into New Markets
  • R+D Projects
  • Experimental Fields
  • Logistics
  • Public-Private Partnership Agreements


  • Ecological Exploitation
  • Biological Control
  • Bio-Nutrients
  • Environment
  • Organic Production
  • Sustainability
  • Plant Health
  • Quality Control
  • Traceability
  • Cost Control

Hydrological Resources

  • Hydrological Engineering
  • Solar Irrigation
  • Fertirrigation
  • Efficient Management
  • Automation
  • Nutrient Management
  • Control of Nutrients
  • Soil Improvement


  • Engineering
  • Produce Storage
  • Packaging Centers
  • Handling
  • Transformation
  • Turn-Key Projects
  • Pre-Prepared and Pre-Cooked Products
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Economies of Scale


  • International ertifications
  • Product Traceability
  • Cold Chain Management
  • Logistics & Transport
  • Normalization


  • Energy Efficiency
  • Energy Independence
  • Bio-Energetic Systems
  • Photovoltaic Systems
  • Plant Waste Management
  • Wind Power


  • Ongoing Training
  • Masters
  • Postgraduates & Doctorates
  • R+D
  • E-learning
  • Universities