Doctors & Researchers from Spain and Latin America

Experts in diverse branches of the agro-livestock sector and in rural development, they are part of the database of scientific and technological collaborators of Iberocons, S.A. that, in turn, has been part of the scientific and technological network of CYTED for the past 25 years.

Researchers from the University of Almeria integrated, as of 1996, into diverse Research Groups of the PAIDI, related to protected agriculture, irrigation and fertirrigation, post-harvest handling and commercialization, natural power sources, economy and planning, development of IT technologies for evolving agriculture, and for small and medium-sized companies in the rural environment.

  • AGR-172 “Agri-Plastic protection systems and IT applied to agricultural and environmental sciences.”
  • RNM-151 “Agriculture and environment in very dry climates.”
  • TIC 181 “Data, Knowledge and Software Engineering.”


  • Luis Fernández-Revuelta Pérez
  • José Ramón Díaz Álvarez
  • Manuel Ramón Berenguel
  • Miguel Guzmán Palomino
  • José Fernando Bienvenido Bárcena
  • Carlos Antonio Salas Vinatea
  • Juan Pablo Guzmán Palomino
  • Agustín Sánchez Prados
  • Juan Luis Valenzuela Manjón-Cabeza
  • Carlos Jesús Cano Guillén
  • Alfredo Ruiz López