Iberocons S.A. is a company with a technological base spurred by the University of Almeria and made up of investigators from PAI (Andalusian Investigation Plan) alongside other corporations and consultants, both Spanish and international.

Its focus is on international markets and has a large knowledge base as concerns the rural world and the farming and livestock sectors in mild and intertropical latitudes, having received requests and commissions for the development of projects from different governments.

The corporation uses the technology and know-how developed by:

  • Researchers from the University of Almeria who, as of 1996, have been part of diverse PAI Investigation Groups related to protected agriculture, irrigation and fertirrigation, postharvest activities and commercialization, natural resources, economy and planning.
  • Spanish and international businesses who offer technological development in diverse fields, ranging from agro-plasticulture to the environment to markets and the planning of rural spaces.

knowhow Iberocons - la empresa

knowhow Iberocons la empresa

Some of the corporation’s capabilities include:

  • Post-graduate academic training and specialized professionalization in advanced agriculture.
  • Consulting on rural and economic development, or on technological proposals to promote productivity in the agricultural sector.
  • Development of tailored strategic planning programs.
  • Executing turn-key technical projects (different structural models and coverings to protect crops, irrigation and fertirrigation installations, installation of solar energy plants, design and construction of irrigation material factories, design and implementation of experimental fields for research in agro-plasticulture, assembly of electronic tendering models for home markets, etc.


  • To offer partial or complete studies, initiatives, proposals, products and services that can offer solutions to any requirement made by businesses, public-private partnership projects, production organizations and territorial institutions.
  • To contribute to the training of technicians and specialists to manage the modernization of their crop systems.
  • To favor the transfer and adaptation of technologies related to agro-plasticulture into the production chain, from family farming and economy up until and through to the marketplace.
  • To modernize production systems by means of the inclusion of crop protection, efficient water management and enhanced environment technologies.
  • To improve the income and quality of life of thousands of people who depend on the rural world, as well as guaranteeing the well-being of their children and future generations.
  • To favor institutional cooperation, product commercialization and services on demand.





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