Know-How and Practical Applications to Face the Specific Challenges of the Agri-Business

Agribusiness Consulting & Management Peru (ACM) is a leading consultancy company in the sector, specialized in the listing of agro-businesses and sustainable rural development.

In Peru, we have 15 years of experience and success stories, offering consultancy in diverse areas related to agro-business, and spanning a comprehensive range of aspects related to entrepreneurship or projects in the agricultural sector. We have the capacity to advise our clients not only on technical matters and agronomic operations, but also on financing, legal, organizational and commercial aspects of the business.

Our experience, our in-depth knowledge of the agrarian sector and capacity to build unique task forces for each consultancy through our local and international networks that sustain our projects and the quality of our work.

Our main goal is to provide our clients with competitive management tools that can contribute to their strategic development in the long-term. Depending on the client’s needs, the consultancy service is specifically designed or a management team is organized to attend in a more direct and effective manner the specific problems of each business.

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