Biotechnology to Increase Agricultural Productivity

The Biorizon Biotech Group came into being as a result of its focus on the biotechnology field. Its research and development have been centered since day one on the endless micro-algae applications in the fields of intensive and ecological agriculture.

Developing unique techniques and processes to improve the growth of plants and fruit, to strengthen color and the application of physical traps. The use of micro-algae not only offers faster and more powerful results than other traditional substances such as hormones, but also provides an added advantage, that of obtaining results using natural components whose absorption leaves no residue on either plants or fruit.

Algafert is the most effective natural fertilizer on the market based on micro-algae. Its composition, 100% natural, makes it the ideal complement to any fruit and vegetable solution.

Spirulina is the secret to Algafert. This micro-alga contains a high concentration of amino-acids, polysaccharides, phyto-hormones, trace elements and antioxidants, which make it the quintessential biological complement.

BioFat 600 contains easily assimilable calcium thanks to its formula made up of extracts of micro-algae.

BiosuperGrow is a hydro-soluble phyto-strengthener that increases resistance, vigor and quality, with 100% assimilable amino-acids. Its use is recommended during the entire crop cycle.

Biopower is a natural fertilizer based on micro-algae that is most effective at the beginning of the productive cycle of the plant. Its composition is specially designed to strengthen roots and facilitate growth.

Agribest is an alginate suspension that provides a gelling foliar surface that acts as a physical trap. It does not contain active phytosanitary matter.

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