Irrigation & Technology

RITEC is a company specialized in the supplying and installation of any kind of irrigation, climate control, humidification and phytosanitary treatment equipment, as well as the installation of turn-key irrigation projects for both greenhouse and open-air crops. Its technical department designs the installation according to the farm’s needs, adapting and personalizing each project.

Created in 1994 in Águilas (Murcia-Spain), it is made up by a team of professional experts with more than 30 years experience in the most advanced fertirrigation and climate control techniques in greenhouses.

RITE, in collaboration with some of the most prestigious Agricultural Investigation Centers, develops its equipment to adapt to consumers’ real needs, caring for and respecting the environment, optimizing water and fertilization resources.

It also actively participates in several R+D projects, alongside other national and European enterprises, improving day by day, offering maximum quality in its products and technical services, which has allowed it to provide equipment and installations on a national and international scale, with presence in over 25 countries all over the world.

RITEC supplies and installs all the necessary elements for any irrigation and climate control project. Among its main products, the following stand out:

NUTRITEC: A very versatile fertirrigation controller capable of adapting to the requirements of each farmer (regulating the pH and CE levels, irrigation on demand as per crop, solar energy, etc.).

CLINVERTEC: Climate unit that allows for the automation of all the environmental elements in a greenhouse.

HUFITEC: Humidity and phytosanitary control unit for inside greenhouses.

FILTERING HEADS: A specific design for each installation.

WATER DISINFECTION: Water disinfection systems by means of UV or ozone.

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