Viveros Medipalm

Cultivo y distribución de plantas ornamentales

MEDIPALM NURSERY is a company situated in a unique location on the North coast of Almeria with more than 22 years experience in the production of a great variety of plants.

Currently, the nursery has a growth area of 122 hectares. The nursery’s activity centers mainly on the growth and distribution of a wide variety of ornamental plants.

Experts in all kinds of Mediterranean plants, such as olive trees, pomegranates, citruses in all varieties, vineyards, etc., and not forgetting the ample variety of palm trees that the nursery places at its clients’ disposition.

Medipalm Nursery has, since the very beginning, staked its interest on the inclusion of the most advanced technologies that currently exist in the agricultural sector market in its growth methods, both in irrigation systems as well as in treatments applied to the plant and in its machinery.

The nursery is strongly committed to the defense of the environment by rationalizing natural resources on one hand and, on the other, by investing in technologies that respect nature.

Medipalm Nursery is a participant in the quality stamp MPS (Environmental Program for Ornamental Fruits and Vegetables), the quintessential emblem of environmental care and protection.

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Viveros Medipalm



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